What We Do

Feasibility Analysis

Christopher Fox Builders helps you visualize your ideas while making sound design and construction decisions. We can draft schematic site plans, floor plans and elevations, and interior and graphic designs to bring your ideas to life. Our managers are skilled at land use and code review and we can provide very fast projections of costs and timing. With CFB you will get the whole story well before you start to make a significant investment.

Programming, Conceptual Design, andValue Engineering

In the initial stage of your project’s feasibility study, CFB considers the range and variety of details that flesh out your project. This specificity ensures the project scope is thoroughly and carefully thought-out. Most importantly, we impose “value engineering” to ensure that each project achieves the highest quality at the lowest cost. Christopher Fox Builders takes pride in collaborating with professional partners who are experts in commercial and residential construction. We call them our “Thinking Partners,” and we seek their input on projects to get the best ideas, the fastest timetables and the lowest costs. They are among the best architects, interior designers, planners, engineers, construction sub-contractors, realtors and attorneys in Asheville and beyond.

Renovations and Building Assessment

Experts will tell you that in renovation in particular, it’s what you don’t know that can hurt you. The seemingly perfect structure can have challenging surprises lurking behind the walls. Knowing where, how and what to look for can save later heartache if mold, asbestos, lead paint or other challenges are uncovered. CFB begins the process of building assessment with a healthy skepticism requiring the structure to prove itself to us before giving you the “all clear.”